16 December 2015


The festive period brings added pressure of looking good for families and friends, and according to a new survey by Braun, Christmas Eve is when most men spruce up, starting with their beard

Braun cruZer has just the tools to make any restyle easy
& Braun’s Style Director, Fabio Vivan, has some top tips on how to look your festive best.

 Facial Hair
 44% of guys claim their beard keeps them warm in the winter.
Fabio’s top tip for cold weather facial hair: Use a beard oil and massage regularly to prevent dry skin and keep your beard looking sleek and voluminous

 40% of women said their partner would get a ticking off if he looked scruffy and unkempt.
 Fabio’s top tip for tidying up: The Braun cruZer face features a trimmer with a narrow side that precisely defines lines and edges and shapes tight curves while the wide side (28mm) evenly cuts and trims large areas.

16% of bearded blokes are frustrated that they can’t sport the current roll neck trend.
Fabio’s top tip for trimming: Trim the neck area and sideburns more regularly than the cheeks and upper lip, as these areas will grow quicker –use a beard trimmer with an adjustable comb like the Braun cruZer6 beard&head to maintain a length that you are happy with

 A fifth of men said that being off work during the festive break is the perfect excuse for them to test out a new beard style.
 Fabio’s top tip for after the shave: Keep skin hydrated post-grooming with aloe vera based skincare and avoid the use of alcohol-based aftershaves as these can change the PH balance in your skin

 Body hair 
 36% of men are planning on spending more time on their grooming routine in 2016 than in 2015. Fabio’s top tip for maintaining body hair in the New Year: Start by using a body trimmer on a high setting. Continue with a lower setting until you’re happy with the result.
 A product like the Braun cruZer6 body is perfect as it features three trimming combs (0.6mm, 3mm & 8mm) that allow you to choose your preferred length of body hair
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