13 December 2015

Antony Morato SS16 collection

Antony Morato  SS16 collection comprises sporty, casual and high fashion pieces:

 The Black collection is the fashion-oriented side of the collection and it is marked by different fabrics and materials. Inspiration comes from Bikers and Military styles, with a minimal taste made of symmetries and lines.

 The Silver collection is the Sporty Chic side of the collection. The mood looks back at Mondrain’s paintings, with graphics featuring geometries, patterns and colour blocks.

 The Gold collection represents the casual and denim-oriented spirit of the brand. Inspired by the adventurous rallies of Paris-Dakar, the mood reminds an “ethno-racing” style, featuring African elements and biker-styled details.

Which collection will you choose?
Will be sold on Sold on Asos and Online at www.morato.it next year
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