17 January 2013

G-Star Raw AW13 in Berlin

G-Star RAW presented its new AW13 collection in Berlin built around denim craftsmanship including 3D denim designs, the exploration of new silhouettes and experiments in terms of fabric weights and colours.

3D designs introduced the Charlie pant, A-crotch and denim jacket with 3D constructed sleeves.
A heavy crisp 20oz denim was in A-line jackets and modern cut denim pant designs.
the use of heavy fabrics including denim and also rich wools  lead to a new silhouette with slim tops mixes with loose denim fits such as the 3D Charlie pant.

Key theme was a new type of blue called Mazarine, an almost purple kind of blue which was inspired by Toile de Chine  - a fabric that predates denim
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