14 January 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2013

Titled “DEVOTION”, the theme was not just absolute devotion to all things tailoring: cut, fabrics and details, but also devotion to family, to (Catholic) religion and devotion to love.
Fabric for the evening was the luxurious velvet in 3 piece suits and shoes. Elegant in a black and grey palette. Burgundy did bring a splash of colour for one velvet suit with black lapels and pocket flaps.

 The Italian classics made way for the Italian flair as colours became brighter and jackets and tops adorned with large floral prints. High waisted trousers kept in the sombre black.

 Baggy silk t-shirts were heavily bejeweled, embroidered and adorned with Catholic religious icons.

Religious icons (especially of The Madonna )  were also printed on cotton t-shirts and thin sweatshirts.

 The style of the these gave the young models an almost 'altar boy' appearance as the loose wide crew neckline and wide open short sleeves are reminiscent of the altar boy smock.

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