8 August 2015

Aquascutum AW15 Collection For All Body Types‏

Inverted Triangle (broad shoulders and chest with a narrow waist and hips)

 Focus on detailing around the waist (pockets, belts etc.) This will help break up an outfit. Wear striped tees, particularly if the stripes are focused on the stomach and not chest to balance the lower half. Keep away from skinny jeans and embrace slim fits. 

 Rectangle (shoulders are the same width as the waist and hips)

The aim is to widen the shoulders whilst making the lower torso appear narrower. Wear structured blazers that appear padded but stay narrow on the arms. Layer- Fine knitwear can be used to widen the chest and shoulders and narrow down towards the hips. 

Oval (round, particularly at the centre of the body with narrower shoulders)

 Wear vertical stripes and pinstripes to elongate your body- this will make it look slimmer. Embrace textured pieces in darker hues

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