11 March 2018

Jamie Wei Huang AW18 Menswear at London Fashion Week.

Titled 'To All the Hearts That Dream' AW 18 is inspired by 1990's Hong Kong, the golden era of the entertainment industry. The legendary figures of the industry revolutionised a new peak. The time was driven by courage, deep longing, and that almost young and foolish fearlessness hearts.A time that feels like it wasn't all that long ago, but the nostalgia it brings is a reminder of what's been missing now.

 . Jamie expresses this with a bold colour palette, youthful denims and tartan prints. Abstract design on green jumper is akin to a crisp falling out of a packet.

.  Trousers are adorned with belts around the knees and ankles

The collection is a dedication to those who dreams, and are stubborn enough to still believe in it.
 AW 18 is a collection about passion and dreams.

Jewellery by "Fang" A London based jewellery designer and a final year student at London College of Fashion. The young rising star is developing her work by exploring sensual and organic shapes and the relationship between natural materials and sensitive techniques.
Photography by Simon Armstrong
Model: Kei Chun Hoi
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