19 January 2011

Country Tweeds- the Hacking Jacket

Taking its name from ‘hackney’ – a term for a saddle-horse, this jacket was originally worn and designed for horseriding. The slight flare from the waist and centre vent ensured the jacket kept its shape on and off the horse. The slanted, flapped pockets stopped any items from falling out of them whilst leaning forward jumping a fence and the third narrow ticket pocket was ideal to keep smaller items safe such as coins.
This style suits the slimmer man due to its high waist, shorter lapels (3–4 buttons) and fitted silhouette.
An example of this style is the Torridon Tweed riding jacket, which can be purchased through http://www.bookster.co.uk/.

They also have adapted the jacket a little for everyday wear - this Grannoch Tweed jacked is less waisted and has longer lapels.
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