22 January 2011

Country Tweeds - the accessories

There are a number of accessories that are commonly teamed with tweed jackets, including trousers, caps and gloves.

The jacket was always worn with matching breeks (short trousers) which were ideal for country pursuits due to the hard-wearing fabric. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the tweed jacket was teamed with non-matching trousers.
Barbour Lightweight Berwick Tweed Breeks
Barbour has kept with the traditional breeks with this pair of lightweight
Berwick tweed breeks, to match their Berwick tweed shooting jacket.

New Look
Whilst fashion-forward New Look has used tweed on the new trendy style of trousers
 – the carrot leg. This style suits tweed as it is not dissimilar to breeks with its baggier
 top and tapering legs – great for tucking into boots or wellies.
New Look has urbanised their tweed trousers by not matching with a tweed jacket, but this
fashionista brand knows the sartorial power of the flat cap – giving an edgy look to the
whole ensemble.
Barbour Crieff Cap

The flat cap has a varied history from when every male over 6yrs (except the upper class) was legally bound to wear English woollen caps (or else fined) on Sundays and holidays in 1571 up until 1597, to the headgear favoured by the upper class for country pursuits, and back to the city working class in the 1920s. So no wonder it seems at home with the trendy and the classics.
Barbour Eilden Cap
Barbour has a selection of tweed caps:
Their Eilden cap is waterproof and matches their lightweight washable Berwick tweed...
Musto's York cap
Musto’s York cap has a water-repellent Teflon finish and comes in a selection of colourways, one being Renwick to match their stretch technical shooting jacket.

And Simon Carter wins hands down with his brown leather and tweed gloves http://www.simoncarter.net/

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