4 February 2011

How to Choose Men's Swimwear

Karen Grace from www.frumpytofunky.com shows off different types of swimwear available to men looking to choose the right pair of swimming trunks.

Style For Men:
How To Choose Mens Swimwear

Now, we're going to talk about how to choose men's swimwear. There are so many different styles, so you need to consider your body shape, but choose a type that you feel comfortable in. There are the board shorts, they're longer length and they were designed for active sports wear.

So, they do have a Velcro fly and the tie at the front, and so they do look like they would fall down, but they're quite secure, because they were designed for surfing. So, they can take the force of a strong wave. Now, they usually come in bright colours.

Now, this is good for the skinnier guy to add bulk. But for the larger guy, go for the more subtle colors. You don't have to go for black, but go for the darker colors and less pattern.

And what that will do, will slim you down. Also for both skinny and larger guys, you can get baggy and super baggy in board shorts. Always go for just the least baggy you can go because if you have the super baggy, for the larger guy, it will make you look bigger, and for the skinnier guy, it will make you look skinnier.

For the skinny guy, if you want to add bulk, as I say, go for the loud colors. Go for the loud patterns, and go for all these pockets, they will add bulk. For the large guy, go for maybe less patterns, deeper colors, and go for the more streamlined look.

Now, they do come in different leg sizes. They come just above the knee, on the knee, and below the knee. Now, if you're the shorter guy, you need to go for the shorter board shorts because the length will make you look shorter, so always go for the shorter style.

For the taller guy, you can go for any length you feel comfortable with. And now we're going to move over the Bermuda shorts. This is shorter in length to the board shorts.

It still can be baggy, but it's not as baggy and it has elasticated waists. It's also more conservative in colors and the patterns. So, it does suit the more mature guy, who still wants a younger look, but doesn't want to go for the very youthful board shorts.

And now, we move on to the short shorts. Now, these are coming in fashion and they have a retro feel to them. So they're better to expose more leg if you want to have tanned legs, they're also good for the shorter guys because they do expose more leg, and so therefore, you're taller than if you were wearing the Bermuda's or board shorts.

So, just watch out for those because they are coming into fashion. And then, last and least are the boxer shorts and the briefs, the swimming briefs. Now, if you're a serious swimmer, then these are quite good because they have less drag in the water and if you have an athletic body, then you're okay.

But they don't actually disguise any imperfections. Now, they're not that popular in the UK or the US but they're very popular in South America and the rest of Europe. And in some places, such as France, these are the only types of swimwear men can wear in the local swimming pool.

So, if you're going to France, you need to consider that. And that's how you choose men's swimwear.

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