23 February 2011

Nautical knitwear - the original Guernsey sweater

Spring is coming and the nautical look is always bobbing up from the fashion waters.
However the Guernsey, the ultimate sailing sweater, is more of a classic than a trend.

This medium knit from Guernsey works hard to make it look plain sailing, becoming a favourite for seamen due to its warmth and resistance to sea spray. The classic square-shaped tunic style has a split at the hem for ease of movement and a straight neckline originally so it can be reversed as alternating the front and back made sure is was more hard wearing. Today, you can get them in crew and v neck. During the Napoleonic wars, the Guernsey joined the British Royal Navy and changed from a fresh faced blond in unscoured natural wool to the more deeper navy blue.
The plain knit make this chunky knit look lean, which is a good choice for the larger guy who wants a thick warm jumper without the bulk.
Like most sailors, the Guernsey couldn’t resist having distinct markings on his arms -a rib at the top of the sleeves to represent a sailing ship’s rope ladder , a raised shoulder seam to represent the rope and the garter stitch panel for waves breaking the shore.
check out www.guernseywoollens.com or www.guernseyknitwear.co.uk for the original style
YMC (You Must Create) have updated the look with their Guernsey Briton crew neck with button shoulder. In the traditional navy. Normal price £170 on sale at £119 on www.hubshop.co.uk, dry clean only.

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