4 March 2011

Nautical Look - French Riviers playboy look for the Spring

It’s usually the fine knits here as the look is fresh, clean and oozes style. Cool cotton knits are a popular choice for those hot yachting days. Mainly navy and white and lots of horizontal stripes.
The authentic nautical stripe is the Breton stripe originating in the French Provence of Brittany . Here the fisherman found the fine double twist cotton protected them against sudden gusts of wind. They were introduced to the French navy in 1858, where the stripes helped spot any sailors who fell overboard . The original also had 21 stripes , one for each of Napoleon’s victories.
Now it’s just a classic but still comforting to know if you do happen to fall overboard.

New Look have a Breton striped knitted jumper in white with navy stripes at a swimmingly good price of £9.99. Ready for work aboard with cream shorts, red/blue boat shoes, orange mac and brown canvas backpack all from New Look. Available from New look stores or via www.newlook.com

Or go to the darker side and choose navy with white striped mariner jumper in pure cotton from Brooks Brothers (£89). Looking good with a pair of white lightweight chinos in the Milan fit (£89). Available from Brooks Brothers, 150 Regent St - 0203 238 0030 / www.brooksbrothers.com

However stripes as we know aren’t very slimming so make sure you don’t have them around your tummy area if this is a concern. Keep to the shoulders. Or go for something like the Musto sail classic cardigan. Plain navy with nautical strip detail going vertically down the neckline – a much more slimming effect- £70. Available on www.musto.com

Chunky knits can still sail their way in to this category with something like Musto’s chunky knit shawl cardigan in navy or white. Just team with a tee shirt underneath - www.musto.com

And there is always the plain sweater with the boat neck – New Look white knitted jumper. Available from New Look stores or via www.newlook.com

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