14 March 2011

J.W.ANDERSON AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

I do like a man in a skirt, but only if it’s a kilt,
here the black full length pleated skirts had a monastic feel to them, although Andersen was thinking more of the lines of attempts to dress beyond the old boundaries of gender in his collection titled ‘the Fear of Naturalism’.

But thankfully the skirts were only a small part of the collection and trousers were the order of the day. These came in the ordinary plain blacks and navy, whilst white rubber pants

and colourful paisley patterned silk pants created interest.

Paisley also showed in matching silk shirts, the padded sleeves of jackets and hoods.

Contrasting textures were used for coats and jackets, with fur covering the top half of backs and the bottom as a half pleated skirt.

Sleeves were quilted and fronts were felted and belted.

Knitwear was snugly fitted with mohair on raglan sleeves and backs again giving a furry texture.

And we cannot forget the boots with their little bit of fur covering the toe caps.

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