22 March 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow with D.GNAK AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

‘Cracks’ was inspired by the sorrow of parting.

Not sure I understood the inspiration, but this large red leather back pack would help to pack up your sorrows.

Maybe the raw edges on lapels and hems of the jackets were the rawness of parting.

Or the exposed seams on duffle coats

and jean type pants representing your exposed sorrow. This glorious orange cardigan leaves an exposed front, maybe another sign.

Or maybe it was the deconstructed jackets and the deconstructed suits made in to an all in one jumpsuit which mirrored a tangle of emotions after a parting?

Or the mixture of textures - here shown as smooth and brightly coloured yolk and pockets on a duffle style coat which itself is dark and rough.

I gave in, I didn’t really know – where was Sherlock Holmes when you needed him? Ah there he was on the catwalk wearing one of his caped coats, the key piece of the collection.

What Sherlock Holmes had to do with the sorrow of parting was another mystery to be solved.

But even with all this confusion, this was a great collection - taking classics and adding a twist;

there’s tailored jackets showing longer chiffon layers underneath;

trousers with an extra top layer resembling shorts with zips down the seams;

and country corduroys were mixed with city jackets.

Well cut tailoring with British influences mixed with an East Asian flavour.

The colour palette was autumnal in browns,

khakis, mustard, burnt orange, 

blues and wine red.

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