27 March 2011

MR LIPOP AW11 collection at London Fashion Week

Titled 'From London to Tokyo via the Old Crow'

What better way to start an expedition than that with a fur trimmed leather hood attached to your leather back pack, and a warm chunky cable knit sweater? Knee length shorts were frayed as though they started as full length trousers at the beginning of the journey, but as the weather changed the trousers had to go....

...or completely replaced with the more laid back cropped jogging pants.

The tailored pieces were minimilistic and relaxed with collarlessjackets and loafers.

or a suit of matching shirt and shorts in soft brown suede

and here less is definitley more.

The colour pallette included burgundy and navy.

The beret made an appearance.

and the black leather coat and high black polo neck gave off French Resistance vibes.

 Parka style coats came in wool and sheer fabrics. 

For the colder climate was the roomy fur trimmed hooded coat

and preparing to fly in the oversized aviator style shearling jacket.

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