27 March 2011

ASGER JUEL LARSEN AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

The theme was gothically dark although the looks changed dramatically.

Opening to the sound of horses hooves the model walked on in a Victorian funeral director style long black coat and top hat embellished with crosses. 

The next model followed dressed in a black leather biker jacket with knee high buckled boots.

Inspired by historic events ,the show crossed over the pond to the US with a black leather US cavalry look.

And a black US civil war look.

The Native American appeared, again in black, with black Mohican style feathered headdress, pants with wide open laced up sides and a large metallic warrior necklace cum breastplate. 

Before going back to the civil war this time in shades grey - maybe representing the other side.

The top hat reappeared adorned with long leather ribbons and trousers at half mast

The show lightened up with a monochrome Uncle Sam in black and white embellished with metal spikes. Footwear added a touch of colour in the original red, white and blue stars and stripes.

The next Uncle Sam was hanging on by a thread (or threads). 

 At the end reverting back to the gothic look with fake bones /teeth hanging from a fish net veil

and  a sweeping black cloak and top hat as the finale piece..  

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