16 March 2011

Sibling AW11 collection went 'Darn the Boozer' at London Fashion Week

It was ‘Darn the Boozer’ for the Sibling’s presentation in the Portico Rooms at Somerset House, taking their inspiration from a knitted pub crawl around East London.  Yes their inspiration came for the names of pubs. 
There was the Golden Heart – an embroidered tattoo style heart graced the front of a grey crew neck sweater
and the back of a cardigan whilst spider webs decorated the elbows. 
 The Bricklayer’s Arms’   insignia was emblazoned on the back and front of a zipped grey cardigan 
and again with spider web elbows.
The Red Lion was a thickly embroidered (with wool) lion’s head (in red of course) on a grey sweater.

But my favourite was the George & Dragon in a black and white Fair Isle style pattern with images of St George, the dragon and beer bottles plus crossed cigarettes. This came in a tank, cardigan jacket and scarf.
George, himself, was represented in a suit of woollen armour - the Pauldron sweater with knitted shoulder pieces and leather buckles. 
And you see him again in all his armoury splendour in the hooded scarf with its feathery fur emmulating his helmet.
Plus the George drape hooded jacket with detachable zip hood. This is teamed with an Italian made all in one with full lengthe legs and based on army underwear.
There is also the short length with rib detailing and cinch back. to be worn under jeans or dare to wear on its own.
Not to be outdone, the dragon is also here as a sculptural and aptly named dragon stitch hoodie.
Now you may be wondering why the panda balaclava earlier on. Well Sibling always collaborates with an artist every season.
This season it was with the artist named Pure Evil who created 'Panda Rocks' - pandas with sequin Kiss make up.
The collection was very gimmicky so probably not everyone’s cup of tea, or should I say pint of beer.

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