5 September 2011

F & F at Tesco - Menswear Christmas Collection

The F&F menswear collection for Christmas centres around sharp tailoring:

Suit jacket £39, suit trousers £21, shirt and skinny tie set £8 and shoes £16
And when it's cold outside there is the coat at £59 and checked scarf at £7
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a tux. This tuxedo jacket is £39, trousers £21, shirt and skinny tie set £8 and shoes £16. Leaves money over for the bubbly.
Just in case you're interested the dress is £18, bag £8 and necklace £15 - would make a great Christmas present.
And if you wanted to go more opulent there is always the plush velvet blazer at £49, trousers £21, shirt and bow tie set £15 and shoes £16.
The dress is £40 by Amys of Paris (available through Tesco online) and bracelet £10
For a more informal look but still want to make an impact, go for a pair of slim fit jeans £12.50,  and team with corduroy blazer £40, checked shirt by Aertex £30 (available trhough Tesco online), belt £10 and shoes £16. The bow tie is part of a shirt set for £15.
Available through www.tesco.com/clothing

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