15 April 2013

One Day Without Shoes - Tues 16th April

TOMS invites you to join them and go barefoot on April 16th for their 6th annual ‘One Day Without Shoes’ initiative.

‘One Day Without Shoes’ is a movement to bring global awareness to children’s health and education. First founded in 2003 in the US, it has since grown to attract hundreds of thousands of participants annually throughout the world.

How You Can Get Involved:

Leave Your Footprint – Post a Photo
On April 16th simply post pictures of you at work, at home or out and about with no shoes on via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #withoutshoes.

Leave Your Footprint – Be Part of an Exhibition
Each image with this hashtag will be uploaded at a dedicated TOMS pop-up space in Covent Garden and printed live, creating an ongoing exhibition of the public’s barefoot photos.

Leave Your Footprint – Join the TOMS Barefoot Walk
TOMs invites you to meet on April 16th at 15 Monmouth Street in Covent Garden from 6pm, where a walk to the Seven Dials will commence at 7pm.  Join TOMS and District MTV on London barefoot walk challenge with special celebrity friends.

Throughout the day, MTV will be showcasing the best upcoming Live music acts and DJ Sets to entertain the crowds and get behind this fantastic initiative.

This is about more than shoes.  Children lacking access to education and good health struggle to break the poverty cycle. As well as helping as a preventative measure against diseases such as hookworm and tetanus, many schools in rural developing nations require students to have shoes to attend, so not having shoes is a roadblock to opportunity. By providing these children with shoes and school uniform, TOMS can encourage a child to stay in school; meeting their basic needs as part of a deeper engagement in education, building their confidence and self esteem, and opening them up to more opportunities in life.
Organisers hope that the impact of ‘One Day Without Shoes’ will spark conversation about the health and education of disadvantaged children who go without shoes globally. By raising awareness we can change the road ahead for millions.
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