29 April 2013

Sebago partners with the oldest tannery in the US for an artesan contemporary twist

For SS 13, Sebago has partnered with the oldest Tannery in the US, the Horween Leather Company. 
The partnership sees the use of specialist premium Horween leather to reinvent the Sebago’s classic dockside style for an artisan, contemporary twist.

 The Horween craftsmen run a century old tannery and offer an array of the finest tannages. The Chromoexcel Leather, exclusive to the Horween tannery, that is selected for the Sebago docksides is crafted from Horween’s proprietary recipe of natural oils
Orange/ink blue combo
Horween’s time honoured traditions and formulas provide Sebago with a soft, yet highly durable leather.  
Emerald Green

Price £130 Colours: Red, emerald green, mustard, orange and ink blue.

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