24 June 2013

Dolce & Gabanna Menswear SS14 Catwalk Collection

Dolce and Gabanna SS14 inspiration is Sicilian mythology which arose from Greek origins.
Sicilian models take to the catwalk and represent the modern Ulysses.

Prints represent the classic Greek mythology through images of temples and faces of Zeus and Apollo. Zeus representing creation and absolute power and Apollo the sun, light, positivity and beauty.

Sicilian mythology is represented through the prints of antique coins of Catania , Syracuse, Taormina, Enna and Messina.. Leather sandals are styled on those worn by the gods.
Fabrics used are: Linen, linen organza and georgette, silk net, shantung and cotton.

Colour palette is of: white beige, brown & black with accents of red, bright blue, silver and gold.

The Finale: The Sicilian gods in force wearing suits in stretch fabrics and dark colours.
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