9 December 2013

Victory after year long Lynx Space Academy competition -

As head of the LYNX Space Academy®,  space pioneer and legend Buzz Aldrin has announced the 23 winners of a year-long global campaign for a trip to space.  With 1 million entries worldwide, lucky Oliver Knight from Malvern has won the space race, beating 87,000 other British hopefuls to claim his trip into orbit.

Oliver, aged 25 completed the final stage of the Lynx Space Academy competition in Florida yesterday, where 4 British finalists competed against one another in a series of gruelling physical and mental challenges which determined who would win the coveted trip to space. He will take his trip into space next year, breaking the sound barrier whilst flying 103 kilometres at the maximum airspeed possible. The engine will then cut off and he will see Earth as only 500 have before. The spaceship will reach ‘apogee’ at 103 km, at this point the lucky cadet will experience weightlessness in zero gravity before beginning the descent back to Earth. 
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