30 April 2014

This Summer Make Threads Not War, with the limited edition Lynx Peace T-Shirt Collection

As part of the Make Love Not War campaign, Lynx has teamed up with five emerging designers to create a limited edition range of Peace inspired t-shirts collectively called Make Threads Not War.
This collection will be sold exclusively on ASOS to show support for global organisation Peace One Day, the organisers of World Peace One Day which is marked on 21st Sept each year.
The t-shirts will be available from 6th May at £10 each while stocks last.
All Proceeds from the Lynx Peace collection will go to Peace One Day
The designers, all chosen for their individual artistic flair, are:

Creative group Bread Collective: Make Love Not War

Speaking of their ‘Make Love Not War’ design, Bread Collective say their design was inspired by protest signs and peaceful protests.

Mat Pringle: Yang and Yin
The inspiration comes from looking at definitive symbols of peace.

Ruby Taylor: Ten Doves One Heart

The graphic stems from Ruby’s love of creating patterns and using archetypal imagery. Ruby says ‘I Love the fact that the t-shirt has a classic display of patterns, looking pretty on the outside, but with further analysis of the symbols, you can see a deeper hidden meaning.
McBess: The Machine Rolls

The striking guitar image is the centre piece. McBess says ‘I thought the guitar could be a novel symbol of peace- it’s a tool to appease the mind and music brings people together’
Steve Wilson: New Horizons

Steve says ‘I chose to use the iconic CND symbol in place of the sun within a landscape design. I wanted to evoke the feeling of peace felt when surrounded by the natural world and the optimism that a new dawn brings.’
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