16 May 2014

Leffe collaborates with Michelin Starred chef Kevin Love to invent gourmet bar snacks that can be created at home

Gone are the days where the nation’s favourite bar snacks were a simple bag of pork scratchings, peanuts or crisps. Pub snacks have undergone a serious revival in recent years and have now become a reason in their own right to visit a pub.

Leffe Blonde with Scampi Tails

Together with Michelin Starred Head Chef of the Hinds Head, Kevin Love, Leffe has created five gourmet bar snacks which can be easily recreated at home. Snacks include Beer Nuts, Kentish Rarebit, Scampi Tails, Duck Ham and a Stoempe Scotch Quail’s Egg - all of which complement the character and flavours of premium beer Leffe. Recipes can be found on

Leffe Brun with Beer Nuts

Wine pairings are more commonly considered when restaurateurs create menus, it should be no different with beer. The recipes – from the creamy yolk of the quail’s egg to the savoury notes of the Duck Ham have all been perfectly crafted to complement the slight hint of bitterness, quince, gooseberry, bitter cherry and apple flavours of Leffe Blonde and the slightly sweet taste of Leffe Brune with its notes of coffee, vanilla and cloves. 

To have a go at creating your own gourmet bar snacks that match perfectly with a glass of Leffe, watch Kevin in the kitchen by visiting 
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