25 November 2014

Jack Wills Xmas Event

It's Xmas time at the Jack Wills store just off Carnaby Street.

Press and bloggers attended the party including celebrity stylist Leroy Dawkins Diary of a Clotheshorse chasing frumpy to funky for a kiss.
They really went to town with the Xmas decorations - Customers can try on clothes in the snow drift changing room.:

Christmas tress were everywhere but absolutely loved the dapper tree in the Merry Gentleman's lounge area.

Close up of the tree reveals the ornaments are cardboard cut outs of shoes, pipe, pocket watches and bow ties - very sartorial. Also adorning the tree are real candy canes.

Drinks were served on a travelling gin bicycle by The Travelling Gin Co

Sweets galore for guests with a sweet tooth, 

And entertainment by the hoola hoop  troupe The Majorettes

Thanks to The Commnications Store and Jack Wills for a great Xmas party
Jack Wills 
8-10 Foubarts Place
London W1F 7PD

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