29 November 2014

U.S. Army MA1 70th Anniversary x maharishi Capsule Collection Story‏

This year maharishi commemorate the 70th anniversary of the iconic US Army MA1 flight jacket with a capsule collection that has been created in homage to this design classic, a perennial favourite in both military and civilian circles.

 As well as a maharishi version of the jacket, the capsule includes trousers, long polo shirts, sweats and bags that utilise the characteristic MA1 elements; orange high visibility interiors, rib collars and the distinctive sleeve pocket, reproduced with meticulous precision.

 Since its introduction the MA-1 quickly became the favoured flight jacket of U.S. Army and Navy pilots, as well as the ground crew. Designed for use in temperatures of 10 - 10˚c, the MA–1 had a 100% wool knit collar, waistband and cuffs. The MA-1 removed the fur collar of the B-15, its immediate predecessor as it interfered with the parachute harness worn by its pilots; other air force specific elements were removed over time as pilot equipment technology progressed and it was adopted by other branches of the US Armed Forces.

The high visibility orange lining was added in the 1960’s enabling the jacket to be turned inside out and used as a distress signal to rescue personnel in the eventuality of a crash landing.
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