9 May 2015

Idris Elba wears Alpinestar racesuit whilst beating world land speed record!

Idris Elba wears his personalised Alpinestars race suit while smashing the world land speed record. Read more about it here:

Alpinestars custom made the racing suit for Idris, who is a big fan of the Italian menswear brand.
As the number 1 motorsports apparel brand in the world, Alpinestars keep grounded to their roots, designing clothing for authentic sportsmen and fans alike; to keep them looking great on the track and off.

 Showcasing their Spring’15 injection line, the brands latest lookbook demonstrates their tight association with the global streetwear scene that surrounds motorsports and shoots the collection true to that aesthetic. The collection features heritage motorsports imagery printed on cotton tee-shirts, embroidered snapback caps, lightweight bomber jackets and bike ready denim. ·

The Journey Jacket;

Features moto detailing with shoulder seams reminiscent of a classic motorcycle leather jacket. ·

 The Tread Woven;

Features an exclusive tire tread print, a constant homage to the motorsports world. ·

 The Mischief Jacket;

Features a mandarin collar taking cues from our leather racing suits.

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