30 May 2015

Winchester School of Art 2015 BA Menswear Fashion Design & Knitwear

Winchester School of Art (WSA), one of the UK’s leading Art & Design institutions held their 2015 BA Fashion & Textiles Graduate Show at The Yard at Shoreditch.
Here are the menswear collections:
Suzanna James (Knitwear) - The Great Outdoor Man

Suzanna was presented with the Main Undergraduate Student Award from The Textile Society.
Inspiration was drawn from the natural world, specifically fisherman, the sea and surrounding landscapes of the geographical homes to the knit patterns Suzanna researched. 
These knit patterns included the historical North East Russian knit traditions, the traditional Guernsey sweater, Scandinavian and Fair Isle designs. 
Suzanna created a modern and contemporary feel to the more traditional and historical knitted designs.

Sophie Hodges - Against The Grain

Rebecca Lowton - Generation Spornosexual

For her sportsluxe inspiration, Rebecca looks to the Spornosexual man: buffed and groomed with rippling muscles..

Jinchen Chen - Himalya

Stephen Highfield - Folded Culture

Graphic repeats, patterns and geometric forms. Inspiration drawn from urban design and menswear subcultures such as Biker, Jock and Punk

Amy Harris - Rude To Stare

Inspired by Contemporary tailoring.after doing a 6 month internship at Richard James.

Eloise Lancaster - Zugzwang

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