26 October 2015


Today see’s the launch of the limited edition ankle boot - FOWEY
FOWEY is the most intricate and complex shoe John Lobb have made this year and showcases the level of skill and talent at John Lobb.

 The complexity of its construction is a result of six weeks highly skilled craftsmanship that pays tribute to the uncompromising quality and care that goes into every John Lobb shoe.
 This single eyelet ankle boot is crafted from two pieces of Museum Calf leather and its primary seams are entirely hand sewn to provide its unique and elegant design.
 Crafted on the 8695 last, it features an elegant almond shaped toe and sits on the John Lobb Prestige sole which can be identified by its finely wheeled welts, hand sculptured waists, tapered heels and rounded sole bottoms.

 Available in - plum, black and navy, its beautifully mottled patina is based on an ancient tanning method that sees layer upon layer of natural dyes artfully applied to create a gradual and subtle variation in tone.
 With only 1,000 produced, each pair of Fowey is individually stamped with a number on the sole and will come in a unique blue John Lobb shoebox.
Price £1500.00
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