22 March 2016

Bags to the 80s // Manhattan Portage

Manhattan Portage's latest collection pays homage to its roots in time and in place.

Featuring classic designs with a bright colour scheme and linings featuring eighties-inspired icons such as Walkmans, Rubik's Cubes, Cassette Tapes and Turntables, the 80's are well and truly back!

 The four-piece 80's collection comprises of the Big Apple Backpack, Alleycat Waist Bag, Coin Purse and Europa.

 The 80's Big Apple Backpack is a classic style backpack that sits pretty whilst comfortably carrying all of your essentials.

The essential hands free solution for commuters, the 80's Alleycat Waist Bag has a zippered main compartment for all your day-to-day essentials.
Perfect for spare change, keys, jewellery or anything else you need close at hand, the 80's Coin Purse is a small but versatile companion.
With a unique back pocket which can be unzipped and reattached to rolling suitcases, the 80's Europa ipurse-friendly too at £105.00.
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