1 March 2016


More men than ever are shaving less and today, almost half  [Simpson Carpenter Quantitative study, May 2015] are choosing not to pick up their razor to avoid a common battle with irritation.

With 125 years under their belt in razor production, Wilkinson Sword has unveiled the revolutionary new, Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5, engineered to offer improved skin protection whilst shaving.
 With technology that surpasses the outdated lubrication strips,

Wilkinson Sword has raised the game once again, equipping the razor with innovative gel pools designed for an improved glide to give the best protection from irritation.

 Helping to eradicate the challenges that the shaving routine presents, the latest innovation will also be rolled out across the full Hydro range [Full range consists of Hydro 3, Hydro 5, Hydro Power 5 Select and Hydro 5 Groomer] – presenting pioneering features that cannot be found on any other razor to deliver skin protection and a more comfortable shave:

 1. Hydrating Gel Pools: Lasting up to twice as long as other lubrication strips on the market, the gel pools deliver 40 per cent less friction [In comparison to a lubricating strip found on most razors today] than any other razor brand. The gel ensures a super-thick coverage to spread evenly across the face, leaving the skin feeling protected through every stroke and hydrated for up to one hour after each shave – something a conventional strip can’t do.
 2. Flip Trimmer: Rather than struggling to reach difficult contours of the face - with a simple flick of the thumb - the hydrating gel pools flip back to reveal five blades that deliver parallel precision and control.
 3. Advanced Skin Guards and Reduced Blade Span: The guard bars and reduced blade span have been redesigned to improve comfort, safety and prevent skin pinching.
 4. The Handle: With an upgraded colour palette, the ergonomic handle gives the razor a full range of motion fitting perfectly in the hand and providing guys with a more comfortable hold and control whilst shaving.

 In addition, with 71 per cent [Kantar] of men claiming to have sensitive skin, Wilkinson Sword has also launched Hydro 5 Sensitive.
The only 5-blade sensitive razor on the market.
Containing all of the innovative features found in the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5, but with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E built into the hydration gel pools to help soothe skin that is prone to being sensitive.

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