22 March 2016

The Quiet Rebellion Sock

London – Quiet Rebellion’s quirky socks are infiltrating the office! Across the world, office workers are dipping their toes into this mischievous and secret act of defiance.
 QR socks appear plain and conformist to the untrained eye, while inconspicuously concealing whacky patterns below the ankle. Put simply, they are socks of two halves: a respectable top with wild and colourful soles.

 Each pair of socks comes with a biography about the rebel its celebrates and arrives in a mysterious, hand-wrapped package – sealed with a wax seal.
 Quiet Rebellion was founded by Alex and Ini, two best of best mates from university, who found mindlessly conforming to the corporate world.
Nothing depressed them more than dragging on their plain, dull work socks every morning… and this is their wonderfully novel, somewhat nerdy but indisputably comfy solution.
 Alex argues: “With that secret knowledge you’re expressing a bit of personality, even if it’s only within your shoe, suddenly the work days don’t seem so bad!”
 More about Quiet Rebellion’s wonder weave:
 • luxury combed cotton composition
 • extra length to keep those hairy legs concealed at all times
 • hand-linked toes to remove any irritation form unwanted seams
 • reinforced heels for greater durability
 • cuffs that don’t leave marks and have patterns on the inside
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