1 August 2016

Bodiley's Launch The London Collection

As a business that exports 80% of its English made shoes overseas, Bodiley's have just launched their ‘London Collection’ to showcase the provenance and quality of British fashion.

Westminster - Dark Brown calf Balmoral boot. Price £360

In creating the London Collection, Bodiley's enlisted the help of the highly regarded John Garner who has over 50 years experience in the shoe trade and recently retired from Edward Green.

Portman  - Chestnut calf Oxford shoe Price £345

 This new collection is classic, elegant and versatile – the perfect shoe wardrobe for every gentleman.

Ebury -  Mocca burnished calf Penny Loafers. Price £295

 All the shoes are made in Northamptonshire, the historical capital of cobblery and are handcrafted using the traditional good year welted construction.
Brompton - Chocolate suede Tassel Loafer. Price £290

The lasts have been chosen for utmost comfort and style, the finest materials used, each pair taking up to 8 weeks to manufacture.

Markham - Antique Chestnut burnished calf Monk Shoe price £345
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