12 August 2016

VIVOBarefoot- A New Evolution in Barefoot Luxury

Barefoot shoe brand launches their premium HANDCUT range - set to transform the way you think about footwear forever.
Porto Rocker High Top

 The HANDCUT launch brings carefully adapted shoe constructions that let your feet do their thing as nature intended and unveils Vivobarefoot’s latest innovation that brings you even closer to natural, barefoot movement: The curved Heel Rocker.

 This is because, with every step we take, our foot passes through three position phases, known as “rockers”. These three phases are: the Heel Rocker - when the heel contacts the ground to begin the step - the Ankle Rocker - when the foot rolls from the heel to the ball of the foot - and the forefoot and the Big Toe - when the ball and big toe push off of the ground, giving the step momentum.
Opanka Lace 

 The new Vivobarefoot Heel Rocker is contoured to your natural foot shape to create a softer heel strike and a smoother heel stroke instead of the jarring heel strike you find with normal shoes. 

 The new simplistic yet stylish range is comprised of 4 styles that offer you complete comfort wherever you go. 
Available soon except for the Opanka which is available now in Chestnut or Chocolate suede. Price £180.00

. Vivobarefoot produce eco-friendly, barefoot shoes that provide protection and freedom of the foot in its natural form while protecting wearers from the elements. Featuring patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant soles that give maximum sensory feedback whilst being worn. Simply put: shoes should let your feet do their thing.
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