15 August 2016

Gladstone London Bags Launches Graffiti Collection

Gladstone London the premium English accessory brand, have collaborated with Brighton based graffiti artists, The Glimmer Twins, to design a limited edition collection.
Camo Backpack £1250.00

 The exclusive graffiti collection will be available from the Gladstone London store as well online and each design is a reflection of Founder and CEO, John O’Sullivan’s artistic influences combined with the brands discerning leather accessories.
Taos City Tote £1295.00

John says inspiration for the collection came from the many disused tunnels and old stations around London “It’s become a meeting point for street artists and young talent; it’s an urban kid’s blackboard enabling them to express themselves. I used to not understand or appreciate the artists, but once I started talking to them, I could see the quality and realised the clever use of expression. Gladstone London has always wanted to blend the gap between timeless designs with a contemporary urban design; I liked the idea of using the bags as a canvas for these designs.”
Angelitos  £1250.00

 The Glimmer Twins have in the past worked in partnership with Glastonbury and the V Festival, as well with artists creating striking visuals. The Glimmer Twins commented "This collaboration is a meeting of styles; classic leather craftsmanship and modern expression of illumination.”
Ocean City Tote £1295.00

 Entry level price point for the Graffiti collection is £1250 ranging up to £2200 for bespoke pieces.

Fuji San Backpack £1250.00

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