12 November 2016

New Watch Brand arrives in the UK - William L.1985

There is a new watch brand that's hit the UK -. 'William L.1985' wants to democratize watches, breaking traditional codes by providing affordable quality watches. Designs are inspired by an inconic 50's vintage Swiss chronograph, resulting in a seriously stylish collection

William L. 1985 was founded by Guillaume Laidet, a young timepieces aficionado who use to work in the Swiss watch industry. After several years at the service of some of the most prestigious watchmaking companies, he decided to start his own brand, aiming at offering meaningful collections inspired by a 50s vintage chronograph that he inherited from his grand-grand-uncle.
This family jewel, once restored, quickly caught the eyes of his friends but the price, for most of them, was a real deal breaker. This is exactly why William L. 1985 was born: to offer quality timepieces with classic designs for a very attractive price point.
For nearly a year and thanks to his many contacts within the watchmaking industry, Guillaume developed a modern and affordable version of his vintage chronograph.
The brand does not hide its Chinese production. Each piece is conceived in Paris and manufactured in Shenzhen, enabling William L. 1985 to compete in this price range.

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