6 November 2016

BOOM DONE SHOP Collaborates with British Tom Austen, Star Of E! The Royals

 BOOM DONE SHOP present their collaboration with British actor Tom Austen.
The result of this collaboration, the fittingly named "I Don't Like Mondays" T-shirt, says it all. Even if they go by another name, they happen without fail all over the world. It's the day when freedom ends and you have to go back to work, school or wherever else.
 The artist behind the t-shirt has always had a problem with Mondays. So he channeled it into a design.
The comfortable 100% Organic Fine Jersey cotton construction ensures a T-shirt to live in and love for many years and yes, many Mondays to come. Price £26
Direct link is

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  1. so beautiful and Gorgeous look! I absolutely LOVE All pics - what a find! The look is definitely very French & classic, love it! You're gorgeous!
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