6 September 2018

Embryolisse Mens Grooming Range

Embryolisse may be more famous for its luxury female skin care product with a celebrity following, but let's not forget their men's products. A fairly recent addition (a couple of years) compared to the ladies beauty products which started in the 1950's. But we say better late than never!

The Aftershave Balm 
This 4-1 aftershave balm soothes, moisturizes, fights aging and tones-up the skin in one gesture.
Formulated with a hyaluronic acid base, aloe vera, and soyproteins,it moisturizes and soothes the outer layers of the skin.
Natural actives of peppermint,cedar peel,and hamamelis leaf help tighten the pores.
The tapioca starch reduces shiny zones and the vitamin E helps to fight against ageing.
This AftershaveBalm suits all types of skin.
How to Apply:
Massage lightly all over the face or just locally on the zones left sensitive after shaving.
RRP £19

The Energizing Shower Gel 
This shower gel is 3-1 multifunctional care that can be used on the face, the body and the hair.
Completely soap-free formula which offers a gentle cleansing.
Suitable for all types of skin and hair.
Ingredients of vegetal  glycerin, peppermint, hamamelis and cedra, the fragrance is of light minty and woody notes..
Many of you may prefer separate body gel and shampoo, but this may persuade you otherwise. Plus it is always handier to take one product to the gym or when travelling.
RRP £19

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