10 July 2010

Stitch, the London menswear trade show looks at Energy

The 3rd key category showing at Stitch was:

ENERGY – Authentic brands inspired by sport, music and performance.

And what better brand eptimosing Energy than The Saints Sinphony.

In 2007, brothers Scott and Troy Thompson’s passion for rock and roll sparked the idea of creating a tee –shirt clothing brand inspired by music. They have 3 collections : The Immortals, In Chains and The 27 Club. All their t-shirts are heavily embellished with prints and crystals front and back in distressed pre shrunk cotton. Colours are faded and washed out blacks, dark browns, dark blues, whites, purple and red.

Their newest line “the 27 club” was launched on Scott’s 27th birthday and is a memorial to all the legendary musicians who died at the age of 27 – the more famous being Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. All tees are embellished with the number 27.

The “In Chains” collection was inspired by their own jewellery line with large Swarovski crystals making rosary designs on the front with printed religious images on the back.

The “Immortals” was made to relive the days when rock stars lived like nothing could kill them, showing compositions including images of skulls and skeletons

The brothers have also put thought in the construction of the t-shirt – shortening the length slightly to show off the belt and jeans pockets, tightening the garment at the chest and arms to prevent the baggy look and using finer and softer cotton.

And for all you rock & roll softies, they even make long sleeved thermal tees!!

And if you still don’t have enough bling, try out their motorcycle inspired jewellery line of rosaries, pendants, belts and buckles.

Mainly sold in USA, Japan and Canada, they have an online shop on www.thesaintssinphony.com

A portion of every shirt they sell goes to music inspired charities.

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