14 July 2010

Kirk Originals - the Turbo eyewear collection

If you want your eyewear to say you have the suaveness of James Bond shaken (not stirred) with a twist of Austin Powers’ mojo then go for the Turbo eyewear collection at Kirk Originals.

This is the Aston Martin range of the Kirk collections combining aluminium, wood and acetate to make a slick but truly groovy design.
Inspired by vintage car dashboards the wood used is the red padouk, blond bulnesia, black ebene and brown amourette. This dash of wood adds depth and gives a strong look to the aluminium temple arms creating a classic retro look.
The fronts come in a choice of classic solid black, crystal clear and semi transparent brown.
The styles are the square fronted and high bridge Bobcat (shown here with a crystal front and black ebene sides); the half framed Phantom; the softer square fronted Demon and the slightly rounded Tornado (shown here with a brown front and brown amourette sides).

To be an “international man of mystery” set off for their  Flagship store: 6 Conduit Street, W1S 1XE, 020 7499 0060,
Website: www.kirkoriginals.com
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