12 October 2010

KTZ Spring/Summer 2011 collection at London Fashion Weekd

As London FashionWeek neared the end, what better way than to bring a royal medieval touch to it with hints of King Arthur and his knights.
A knightly black and white hooded tunic is richly decorated in a patchwork of fleur de lys, stripes and turret patterns with a large dragon thrown in for good measure. Plus a few medals for decoration.
The King Arthur style hairdo and crown sets off a black and white patchwork jacket again of fleur de lys, stripes and turrets plus the large dragon. A scattering of fleur de lys is embossed on the black shorts.
If knights went to baseball matches, they'd probably wear a black sequined baseball style jacket and horned sequined baseball cap teamed with black and white fleur de lys, turret and striped shorts.
For that royal workout King Arthur could wear gold embossed bird and sun patterned black jogging bottoms. Accessorised with armour plated hand shields and of course his crown.
Or maybe pale pink and gold striped satin jogging pants with fleur de lys and dragon motif.
For that incognito jogging through the park, there is the pale pink and gold striped hooded jacket with black fleur de lys and black sequined dragon motif worn with a regal visor instead of the common sunglasses. And sandals of pattern embossed leather
To practise his punches, there is the pale pink and gold striped long boxer style satin shorts with fleur de lys motifs.
Other regal outfits are the pattern embossed leather shorts and sandals with gold embossed black t shirt.
And for the more subdued look there is the double layered black shirt with shimmering green strips and matching shorts.
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