21 April 2011

Wholecut Shoe - The Wholesome Style

The wholecut is probably the oldest style dating back to the time when a single piece of leather was just wrapped round the wearer’s foot, this style now epitomises simple chic elegance.
Lodger's Audley English Wholecut shoe

Lodger’s signature shoe is the Audley English whole cut. The clean line of this style allows the rich Oxblood colour to take centre stage. Priced at £475
Or their London shop in 15C Clifford Street London.

Edwards of Manchester wholecut woven shoe

However if you prefer your whole cuts to be not as simple then there is always Edwards of Manchester’s 3 eyelet whole cut in brown woven calf with leather sole. Normal price £185 but on sale at £135. www.edwardsofmanchester.co.uk or 61, Deansgate, Barton Arcade Manchester.

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