18 April 2011

The DERBY SHOE - a safe bet for style and comfort

The origin of the name Derby is a mystery – so if anyone out there knows why we call it a Derby then please share it with us.
However the name the American’s use, the Blucher, comes from the Prussian General Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher. He decided his troops needed better shoes whilst fighting Napoleon, so he commissioned a boot where the side pieces lapped over the front. This style was adopted by armies across Europe and they soon became the fashion for a sporting and hunting shoe in the 1850’s. But now they are popular in the city.
The characteristics of the Derby is the open lacing where the shoelace eyelet tabs are sewn on top or the vamp, the tongue of the shoe is made with the same piece of leather as the vamp and of course the side pieces lapping over the front. These side straps make the shoe not as dressy as the oxford or monk shoes. The open lacing is more comfortable for men with wider feet than the closed lacing, as it is easier to adjust.
Crockett & Jones Dartmouth shoe
Crockett and Jones 3 lace Dartmouth derby remains a classic in black calf and retails at £315
They don’t have a wide distribution in the UK other than their own London and Birmingham retail stores, and don’t sell online. But you can visit their website for the stores addresses: www.crockettandjones.co.uk
Lodger's Hoxley shoe

Lodger’s Hoxley 2 lace derby shoe, from their Italian contemporary range, is a work of art with its hand painted rum colour showing dark and light strokes. Price £475

Or their London shop in 15C Clifford Street London.

Eden Park
Eden Park, a French fashion brand inspired by rugby and founded by a few French international rugby players back in the 80’s have signed a deal with the RFU to provide all their formalwear for the next 6 years. And as part of this they are creating a collaborative capsule collection and these derby shoes are a part of this collection. If you look closely you can see an outline of their cute bow tie logo on the point of the side flap. These are so new prices are yet tbc www.uk.eden-park.com

Italian eco luxury brand Zanacco’s vegetable tanned derby called Rino looks elegant in frond which is a dark blue colour at £365.00. Vegetable tanning is without the use of heavy chemicals ensuring the waste is not harmful to the environment and the artisan is not affected whist working with the leathers. And as the leathers turn out softer on average than the typical tanned leathers, this is good news for you the wearer. www.zanacco.com

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