25 April 2011

Observing the Spectator Shoe

Spectator shoes or Correspondent shoes are full or semi Brogues in 2 contrasting colours. Originally worn by cricketers in the 1800’s and then made famous by the favoured shoes of co-respondents in divorce cases. Later the spectator shoes were worn by yachtsmen and at leisure sporting events, but now more commonly worn by golfers.

Angelo Galasso
Not as popular for everyday wear but Angelo Galasso does a great take on them. His stone washed blue canvas brogues have a blue nappa wing cap and heel.

Angelo Galasso
Whilst his grey suede semi brogues have just their toe caps in a contrasting chestnut brown leather with the AG monogramme perforation. Both £480.00 and can be purchased at his stand alone shop at 8-10 Hans Road London. 0207 584 3978.

Zanacco the Italian eco-luxury brand also has their take on the spectator shoe with the Angelo Brown a vegetable tanned calf 2 toned leather retailing at £390.www.zanacco.com
Zanaccco prides itself on being 100% made in Italy, and being the first eco-luxury shoe brand for men.  The shoes are all handmade by local craftsmen from Vigevano. This is the home town of Jasmine Zanacco who wants to inject life back in to the place which once was known as the shoe capital of Italy. And eco-friendly luxury materials are used such as vegetable tanned leather, water based glue and biodegradable oils.

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