24 April 2011

Don't do anything by half - unless it's a Brogue Shoe

Semi or half brogues were first designed by John Lobb on an Oxford in 1937 to give their customers a shoe more casual than a plain oxford but more refined than the full brogue. 

John Lobb
Here the decorative perforations and serration goes only along the caps edge with additional decorative perforations in the centre of the toe cap. John Lobb holds two Royal Warrants and all their shoes are handmade to measure, costing approx £2620.00 plus VAT from www.johnlobbltd.co.uk or from their London shop at 9 St James’s St (the very spot once occupied by Lord Byron’s bachelor pad).

Tricker's Kensington
For a cheaper and ready to wear pair, Trickers has the Kensington, a semi brogue in black from their 1829 collection, price £305.00 www.trickers.com or 67 Jermyn Street London

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