8 July 2011

George at Asda is 21 this year.

Yes George is all grown up now.
He continues to look his satorial best with the collaboration with bespoke tailor Charlie Allen. Here he goes for Prince of Wales check suits, striped shirts and spotted ties.
Charlie Allen
For a more smart casual feel there is the tweed jacket which can be mixed with the mainline George collection.
The above tweed jacket costs £45 and shirt £18.
The inspiration for the mainline collection is the preppy Graduate and the military Urban Hunter;
The Graduate
For the above preppy look is a laid back faded red zip up hoody £12 teamed with faded blue trousers £16. Chunky zip hoodie over the shoulders
Urban Hunter
For a walk in the wilds, go for the check shirt £16, biege cargo pants £20, biege button down jumper £11 and padded gillet. At these prices the Urban Hunter won't have to forage for his food, there are always the nearby food aisles.
Available soon at Asdas or online www.george.com

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