13 July 2011

Oliver Sweeney brings out App for Custom Made Shoes

Yes you can now design your own shoe in the comfort of your own home or when snatching a few minutes out of your busy work schedule.

How? By downloading Oliver Sweeney's iPad app from iTunes. And if you are a true satorial mister, then you can surround yourself with your own wardrobe whilst designing your new shoe to make sure everything is spot on.
First, choose the style and shape of the shoe.

Once you have your basic shoe style, then the fun begins with choosing the colour and leather. Leathers range from the plain to the exotics such as crocodile, ostrich, stingray and iguana. And you can choose different colours and leathers for different panels creating a Spectator effect. Plus you choose lining, lace and piping colours.
Not forgetting the sole. Here you choose the colour for the sole waist and then inscribe your name, a date or message in to the sole.
More details can be found on www.oliversweeney.com
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