17 July 2011

Panama hat - the hat to be seen in at Glorious Goodwood races

Whether you opt for the traditional linen suit or just a smart jacket and tie, the hat to be seen in at Goodwood races is the Panama hat.
Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt natural colour Panama hat. Was £90 now £34.95. Woven in Ecuador, leather inner band, traditional black ribbon. www.ctshirts.co.uk

Surprisingly the Panama hat doesn’t originate from Panama but Ecuador. Many factors endorsed the name: Panama was  the international point were goods  from South America would be taken before being shipped to Europe and the USA; workers on the Panama Canal wore them for shade and  when visiting the Panama Canal construction President Roosevelt was seen wearing one. But probably the main reason was when the hats were sold in the Paris World Fair in 1855 by a Frenchman living in Panama. Ecuador was not mentioned as a participating country, so the hat became known as Panamas.
Trilby Sussex
At Goodwood, a popular sight is the Panama with the hat band in Goodwood racing colours of red and yellow. These can be purchased from www.goodwood.com  and the price ranges from £40 for the Trilby Sussex ...
Panama Richmond
...... to £250 for the Panama Richmond   

For different colours check out Pachacuti on www.panamas.co.uk  . They import directly from Ecuador cutting out the middle man and are a Fair Trade hat specialist.   
Pachacuti's Fedora Llano  with peacock blue band
This classic, fedora style panama hat can be rolled for travelling. The llano weave is a flexible, durable, herringbone weave and it takes over a week to weave each hat.
The quality of grade 8 llano weave panama hats is very fine. Price £99.50
Image showing peacock blue band. Other colours available are mink, gold and black.

Pachacuti's Fedora Brisa

Another classic fedora style. This time in standard grade weave and trimmed with a red multi-coloured hat band. This is not a rollable hat.  Price £49.90

Pachacuti's Fedora Llano

The Luxury Teal Silk Band is bespoke made for Pachacuti in Devon by the UK's last remaining silk band specialist mill. Also available in sage green. Price £139.00
Grade 8 weave and rollable.
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