2 December 2011

Muriée Knitwear for Luxury and Organic Style

A new luxury eco-friendly knitwear brand has just launched in the UK.
Muriée is about style and quality with an eco-friendly approach to design and production. They are committed to ensuring all of their fabrics are environmentally sourced and their products manufactured in a safe and organic format.
Magnus Prussian Blue Ribbed Cardigan

Their knitwear is of 100% pure new wool from Argentina and Uruguay. These countries were chosen because both countries have ideal climates for the breeding of sheep. The raw wool is then spun and finished in a German knitting company with more than 150 years experience.  

Martin Wool-White Ribbed Sweater

This Martin ribbed crew neck sweater is undyed. The shade Wool-white is the natural colour of wool.  
Martin Charcoal White Ribbed Sweater
The charcoal/white option slightly differs in colour and pattern from sweater to sweater. This is due to a special knitting technique used which creates individual pieces with random and motifs. So you'll own a unique piece of knitwear..

Buy online www.muriee.com
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