15 January 2012

Go Nautical for Spring with Clark's Boat Shoes

The boat/deck shoe is always a popular choice for spring and summer even if you not going sailing. This season Clarks have brought out a variety of styles to choose from..

The top shoe in the above image is the Orson Lace.

This boat shoe is worn by double Olympic gold medallists Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson. It's the most technical shoe Clarks has ever produced, offering premium technology for the serious enthusiast.
It has a Rock rubber sole - this is a specially engineered tubber sole for maximum grip and stability in dry as well as wet conditions. It is also lightweight with water release and drainage.
The leather is salt water resistant.
It has an Atsu footbed - this gently massages underfoot using a network of beads positioned in the insole and so revitalising the feet and giving the body a boost from toe to head.
Colours: navy, dark brown, denim, tan and off white
Price £79.99
The bottom shoe in the image is the Outdrive Drift
This boat shoe in synthetic material has a  protective PU cage. With in-built drainage holes and an engineered heel drainage system, this technically-advanced style effectively dispels water. It also has the Rock rubber sole.
Colours: white, black and dark grey
Price £69.99

Coming out soon is the Outdrive Tide - the same as the Drift but in leather. Colours will be white, navy and khaki
Price TBA

Similar to the Orson Lace is the more contemporary Portal lace

Crafted from leather with a lightweight construction. It has a siped sole for superior water drainage and an  Active Air cushioning - this is hundreds of tiny air pockets acting as a cushion to absorb the impact of the foot hitting the ground.
Colours: khaki, mid blue, black and white.
Price £59.99

And for those hot summer days when you want to let your feet breathe, there is the boat sandal the Outdrive Cove

This style in synthetic leather includes an engineered heel drainage system to effectively dispel water and the Rock rubber siped sole for maximum grip, while support comes from toe bruising protection and a rubber wrapped sole.
Colours: grey with yellow accents, black with light blue and navy with red accents.
Price £64.99
Available in stores and online www.clarks.co.uk

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