10 January 2012

Calling All Londoners! Eyewear brand m.kenics NEEDS YOU to model their new glasses

New to the UK, eyewear brand m.kenics would like to show off their glasses against the iconic London landmarks with you dear readers modelling them. All they ask is that you don’t mind having your photos taken and the said photos will be used as future promo material around the world!  
Plus you get to keep the actual glasses you model!

m.kenics frames are not welded and have no screws, they are all designed and engineered to slot and fit together. High end materials of titanium and acetate are sourced in Japan where the frames are hand finished.  The acetate frames come in a variety of colours with different finishes including glossy, translucent and frosted.
The frames are flexible and super light with the lightest weighing in at just 5g, this makes them really comfortable to wear. But it’s the clever swivel nose pad that is m.kenics USP – self adjusting so the frames fit any nose shape easily with minimal adjustment.
RRP is from £165 and they are now exclusively available from Orb Opticians London

So if you fancy a free pair of glasses and having your photo taken then just email Siu at siu@eyeternity.co.uk with your mobile or email address and a recent photo.
Keep your photo look quite natural as they are looking for an everyday style to represent the face of m.kenics.
Once they have chosen the people with the right everyday look, they will contact you directly.
The photo shoots will take place within the next two weeks.

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